Compatible Nobel Biocare Branemark


The clic’n loc abutment is used to stabilise a total prosthesis on implants while guaranteeing longevity and increased retention.

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The Clic’n loc implant attachment is based on the world’s most successful and proven fixation design. The manufacturer’s engineers wanted to improve both the material of the abutment and the quality of the retention sleeves. The abutment surface is patented and fully biocompatible. The coating is ceramic coated for increased strength and unmatched performance. The hardness of the abutment is made of carbon and zirconium nitrate, which guarantees a long service life.

Using Clic’n loc is the assurance of benefiting from an innovative product that lasts over time and is compatible with its main rival. It is easy to use, your practice remains unchanged and your patient will smile again.

Available in different diameters and gingival heights

Compatible with many well-known implant brands

Diamètre Branemark


Hauteur Gingivale

H1mm, H2mm, H3mm, H4mm, H5mm


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