The Clic’n loc dental attachment is based on a recognized design whose effectiveness is no longer in question. However, this product has been improved to provide increased strength both on the pillar and in the metal case.

Its swivel technology and compatibility with many implant brands remain unchanged. The internal and external retention make this attachment the reference in total prosthesis on implants.

The coating used is carbon nitride coupled with zirconium, making the surface harder and more resistant. The longevity of the abutment is improved and the HPP retention sleeves work more efficiently.

Unlike today’s nylon sleeves, which can wear out prematurely, we chose High Performance Plastic (HPP). This hydrophobic material makes the sleeves more resistant to chemicals and therefore more effective. Two types of sheaths are available to compensate for the divergence of the implants.

A major innovation is to offer you angled abutments so that you can compensate for very large divergences without altering the retention sheaths. This will facilitate the insertion axis of the prosthesis.