About us

This is the story of two people who met a long time ago, one is a dental technician and the other works in the computer world. Until then, you don’t see the connection between these two worlds and we understand you.

As we discussed and shared our experiences, we came up with the idea of creating the Clicnloc brand because we realized that each of us could be confronted with wearing a dental prosthesis in the course of our lives.

The growth and democratization of implantology have made it possible to offer fixed or removable prosthetic solutions. The image that we keep of our grandmother with her dentures was a trigger in the realization of our project.

Observation :

A small, discreet and highly effective device called a “Dental Attachment” has been used to improve the stabilization of an implant supported prosthesis. This revolutionary attachment, invented by Paul Zuest and called “Locator – Trademarked by Zest Dental” has changed the lives of many patients around the world but has some flaws. Now in the public domain, this product has become generic throughout the world but many copies are of poor quality.

Our main objective :

Offering you the best so that your prosthesis will last over time and you won’t even think about it. By using Clicnloc, you are assured of high quality manufacturing and total compatibility with the leading implant brands.